Cedar Rapids Project - Coverages

ADW Registered Agricultural Drainage Wells SHP EOO
ADW_SI Surface Intake Locations For Registered Agriculture Drainage Wells SHP EOO
Airports Airports SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Cedar River Basin at Cedar Rapids, Iowa SHP EOO
Basin_Huc BASIN_24-Hydrologic Unit Map SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * 1/4 Mile Buffer Around Streams SHP EOO
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability
Cities Populated Places in Iowa SHP EOO
CoalIDs Identifiers for surface and underground mines SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * 100k Digital Raster Graphic Clipped to Cedar River Basin
at Cedar Rapids
Feedlots Animal waste control facilities with operating permits. SHP
Gages Selection of all Iowa district surface water stations from GWSI SHP EOO
IFD EPA/OW Industrial Facilities Discharge Database for CONUS SHP EOO
Lake303 (PDF) Lake303 SHP EOO
Lakes Major Lakes and Federal Impoundments of Iowa SHP EOO
Lakes92 Designated lakes other than general class SHP EOO
Landfill Sanitary landfills, transfer stations, land application SHP EOO
LandU Iowa Land Cover Data Set SHP
* Provisional Data * Maj_Cities SHP EOO
Mines Registered noncoal mineral production sites SHP EOO
NonNPLS Non-National Priority List Sites in Iowa SHP EOO
NPL National Priority List Sites in Iowa SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Pest_Dealers SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Pipelines SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Q10 SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Q50 SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * QMean SHP EOO
Railroads National Rail Network SHP EOO
RCRA EPA/OSW Resource Conservation and Recovery Information System SHP EOO
Roads Iowa DOT BaseRecord Data SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Sample_Base SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Sample_Sites SHP EOO
Sinkbuff Sinkhole areas in Iowa SHP EOO
Sinkhole Sinkhole locations in Iowa SHP EOO
Soils Soils Hydrologic Group SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Str303 SHP EOO
* Provisional Data * Tot_Streams SHP EOO
TRI USEPA Toxic Release Inventory Facilities in the United States SHP EOO
UST Regulated Underground Storage Tanks in Iowa SHP EOO
WWTP Waste Water Treatment Facilities in Iowa. SHP EOO