Groundwater Stations

PERIOD OF PROJECT: Continuous since 1939
PROJECT CHIEF: S. Mike Linhart Email S. Mike Linhart
STUDY AREA: Statewide
COOPERATING AGENCIES: Iowa Department of Natural Resources (Geological Survey Bureau)


A long-term regional groundwater data base is needed to evaluate the effects of natural and human-induced stresses on the principal groundwater systems in Iowa. Information from the long-term data base will provide baseline information for short-term aquifer studies, as well as documenting long-term trends in Iowa's groundwater supply. Information from the short-term and long-term data bases will be used to assess the groundwater resource, project future conditions of supply, address contamination concerns, and provide the information necessary to effectively manage the resource.

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Johnson County Site #414315091252002 Elmira Deep (formerly 22M2) Short.
Montgomery County Site #410057095075101 John Ogden Well.


The primary objectives of the Iowa ground-waterlevel monitoring network are to:

  1. collect data documenting the change in groundwater storage over time in the principal aquifers.
  2. provide both the long-term and short-term data necessary to assess and predict the response of hydrologic systems to natural climatic variations and human-induced stresses.
  3. quantify the hydrologic characteristics of aquifers including transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, and specific capacity.
  4. provide historical baseline data for aquifer studies.


The current groundwater-level monitoring network in Iowa consists of 156 wells completed in the principal bedrock and surficial aquifers that supply groundwater to numerous users throughout the State. Water levels are measured on a quarterly or monthly basis and entered into the USGS Groundwater Site Inventory database. The Devonian aquifer water-level network was evaluated during the 1999-2000 water year and several wells have been located in over 20 counties in North-Central, Iowa to represent the potentiometric surface of the aquifer. Other aquifers that have been evaluated in recent years include:  the Cambrian-Ordovician (state-wide), the Silurian (north-eastern), and the Dakota (north-western). Network data collected from all aquifers are compiled, and published in the annual U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Data, Iowa report. The U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-27 titled "The Groundwater-Level Monitoring Network in Iowa" was published in 1992 and describes in detail the groundwater-level monitoring network in Iowa.