Water-Quality Stations

PERIOD OF PROJECT: Continuous since 1906
PROJECT CHIEF: Greg Nalley Email Greg Nalley
STUDY AREA: Statewide
COOPERATING AGENCIES: US Geological Survey (Federal program)


Water-resource planning and water-quality assessment require a nationwide data base with standardized information for planning and assessment of water resources. Furthermore, the chemical and physical quality of the rivers and streams need to be monitored and defined to effectively manage the resource.


To provide a national data base for water-quality information for Federal planning and action programs and to provide data for Federal management of interstate waters.


Water-quality data were collected and compiled for inclusion in the Annual Data Reports. Peak flow discharge measurements and water quality sample were collected by the USGS Iowa district personnel during the Mississippi River flood of April, 2001.

Measurements of specific conductance and water temperature are taken at all surface-water gaging stations when streamflow measurements are made. These miscellaneous water-quality measurements are also published in the Annual Report.