Phosphorus in Kent Park Lake - Description

Project Description


The objective of this study is to quantify the concentration of phosphorus in Kent Park Lake sediments and in potential sources that may be contributing sediment to the lake. Potential source areas include the forested areas of the park with steep slopes and no sediment retention ponds to the east of the lake, previously dredged lake sediments in retention ponds to the west, and prairie, forest, and agricultural lands with retention ponds north of the lake.

Samples were collected in the lake and watershed. Kent Park Lake sediments were quantified from both the inlet bays that receive tributary and gulley inflow and from deep water areas that potentially represent a mix of sediments from multiple sources. Sediments were also quantified from dredge spoil ponds, sedimentation ponds, and one soil sample from an area of substantial gulley erosion.

Aerial photo of Kent Park, Johnson County, Iowa and locations of sediment samples collected within the park.

Locations of samples