Phosphorus in Kent Park Lake - Links

Cooperating agencies

The Johnson County Conservation Board, who operate and maintain the park, are preparing a lake improvement plan for Kent Park Lake to address the water quality issues. A number of entities are providing assistance and expertise to develop a plan to improve the clarity of the water by both reducing chlorophyll growth and turbidity caused by sediment. These entities include:

  • Iowa State University as part of the Iowa DNR monitoring program has monitored lake quality during the summer and collected samples for analysis of nutrients, clarity, and physical properties. Vertical profiles of temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity were measured each summer. Data are available at Iowa DNR Kent Park
  • The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and the USDA are documenting erosion in the watershed and are developing plans for erosion mitigation.
  • The University of Iowa Hydraulics Institute researchers are studying the soil quality and comparing soil characteristics of wooded vs prairie soils to understand their ability to resist erosion.
  • The Iowa DNR TMDL section developed a watershed model to estimate the source and amount of sediment erosion.
  • Kent Park Lake Water Quality Improvement Plan -- Iowa Department of Natural Resources draft plan