Water-Quality Assessment of the Eastern Iowa Basins: Hydrologic and Biologic Data, September 1995 Through September 1996

Open-File Report 99-66

By Kimberlee K. B. Akers, Douglas J. Schnoebelen, Mark E. Savoca, Linda R. Roberts, and Kent D. Becher

 U.S. Geological Survey, Iowa City, IA


The U.S. Geological Survey began data-collection activities in the Eastern Iowa Basins study unit of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program in September 1995 with the purpose of determining the status and trends in water quality. Surface-water data were collected, beginning in March 1996, on a monthly basis with occasional extra high- and low-flow samples. Data collected from 12 sites on rivers and streams in the study unit included determinations of the physical properties and concentrations of nutrients, major ions, organic carbon, trace elements, suspended sediment, and dissolved pesticides. Data collected at four additional sites included physical parameters and determination of the concentration of dissolved pesticides. In addition, bed-sediment and fish-tissue samples were collected at 16 sites and analyzed for trace elements and hydrophobic pesticides. There were two ground-water studies conducted in June and July 1996. The first looked at the quality of ground water in the Silurian-Devonian and Upper Carbonate aquifers and sampled 33 wells once, and the second examined the effects of agriculture on shallow ground water of e Iowa River alluvial aquifer and sampled 23 wells once. Ground-water samples were analyzed for physical properties, nutrients, major ions, organic carbon, trace elements, dissolved pesticides, and volatile organic compounds.


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